Healing Through Writing

Writing in my journal has always been a safe space, a beacon in the storm during some of the rockiest seasons of my life. Over time, my journal and I have become quite the duo: Her, reminding me of everywhere I’ve been and all the thoughts I had along the way; Me, constantly reimagining what it means “to journal” and trying my damnedest to bring pen to paper at least once per day. We’ve been through a lot, my journal and I, and I don’t know how I ever would have healed some of my deepest wounds without the free space to simply write.

They say that every person on Earth has at least one solid novel in them. I believe that every person on Earth has dozens of beautiful journals inside of them, waiting to burst into life on the page.

And so, I’d like to be your journaling guide. I want to help you discover the limitless potential in your own words, and the powerful healing that arises when we can describe our emotions by name. I want to help you fall in love with journaling and writing, as I did almost 11 years ago.

There are three unique ways we can work together. Each comes straight from the pages of my own journal and now, into yours as well.

At Gaia + Selene, we are committed to sharing these gifts with All. I recognize that this is a difficult financial time for many people, and I am happy to arrange alternative payment options for those struggling right now. Simply send me a note and we will find a creative solution, together.

Journaling 101

If you’re new to the journal world, this is the perfect place to start. Each week, you will receive an email from me with 3 simple, guided journal prompts. You can answer these prompts verbatim, use them as jumping-off points, or ditch them altogether – remember, this is your divine practice, just for you.

You will also receive a Spotify playlist specially curated to inspire your musings with the week’s prompts.

Journaling for Discovery

This is for the person that wants to explore. She wants to dig deep, confront her shadows. She wants to learn about her Intuition and its power. She hopes to unearth, discover.

Each week, you will receive an email from me with a suggested theme for exploration, along with 3 writing prompts. You will also receive a Spotify playlist to inspire your discovery each week.

1:1 Journal Coaching

This option is for the Writer at heart. The Soul-Seeker. The Weaver of Magick and Manifestation.

Each month, we’ll meet for a virtual coffee shop chat. We’ll sip espresso and gab all about your writing. What have you discovered so far? What does your heart yearn to explore? You will also receive weekly journal prompts via email tailor-made to you and your unique exploration.

Please note that payment is processed through WordPress, and you will be asked to create an account (simply your email address – no password) for payment upon checkout.

Looking for some free journal prompts?