Plant Healing

Healing through the wisdom of Gaia’s gifts

dōTERRA : Gifts of the Earth

In latin, dōTERRA translates to “Gifts of the Earth.” When I first learned about this divine connection to our Earth Mother, I knew I was in the right place.

These are the oils I use in my classes. These are the oils I use on my own 2-year old corgi and share with my husband. These are the oils I gift to my mom and my closest, most beloved friends. I share these oils with the world because I have found such deep healing through them, and have seen countless others in my life discover the same.

There are several ways that you can invite the healing energies of these plants into your life. First, you may wish to start with an oil consultation with me.

Each consultation costs $35 and includes a wholesale membership with dōTERRA (allowing you to purchase your oils for 25% less than retail), an in-depth evaluation of your most important wellness goals, and a free 15ml oil from me as a gift of gratitude.

Body : Oil Consultation

If you are looking to support whole body wellbeing, this is the consultation for you. We will explore how essential oils can support entire body systems, such as the the limbic, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, skeletal + muscular, and immune systems.

Mind : Oil Consultation

I personally know how frustrating, lonely + debilitating mental imbalances can be. With this consultation, we will explore how essential oils can support emotional wellbeing as well as the brain and nervous system. We’ll discuss using the oils in compliment with mindfulness as well.

Spirit : Oil Consultation

Essential Oils have been used for centuries to awaken the spiritual self. To explore the many ways that essential oils can enhance your yoga practice, facilitate chakra balancing, and even how to use the oils with EFT tapping + acupressure, select this consultation.

Let’s create something beautiful together.

Learn how you can share the wisdom of essential oils with your own community and receive a free 15ml oil from me as a token of sincere gratitude.