Intuitive Energy Work

Balance One, Balance All

Sharing the power of intuitive energy work with my community is one of my greatest professional joys. It is my life’s work to use the knowledge I’ve collected over the years to help others discover healing, and intuitive energy work is one of the best tools I carry on this path.

Please, join me in this Divine work. There are several ways for us to work together, each of which is catered to your unique experiences, questions, and longings. All of my offerings are provided remotely, and I find are even more powerful than hands-on modalities.

At Gaia + Selene, we are committed to sharing these gifts with All. I recognize that this is a difficult financial time for many people, and I am happy to arrange alternative payment options for those struggling right now. Simply send me a note and we will find a creative solution, together.

Intuitive Energy Healings

Distance Energy Healing: $55 / session

My Intuitive Energy Healings are my own personal blend of traditional reiki and empathic healing. During these distance (remote) sessions, all you need to do is find somewhere to relax for an hour, and I’ll take it from there! No Zooming, no FaceTiming – instead, we meet energetically, soul to soul, for this deep Soul Work. These sessions may be helpful in easing:

  • Digestive Issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Moon Time Imbalances (cramps, missed periods, etc.)
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Mental Health
  • Trouble Sleeping, and more

Crystal Energy Healings

Crystal Energy Healing: $33 / session

If you’ve ever been curious about crystals, this is the session for you! Like all things on this Earth, crystals carry a unique vibration. These vibrations can attune us (much like a tuning fork) and can be used to ease a variety of ailments, dis-eases, and stressors.

Once you’ve told me a little about yourself, I will mail you a specially selected (and reiki-infused) crystal that I feel best facilitates your own healing. Then, once your package arrives, we will hop on a Zoom call and explore all of the ways to incorporate your special crystal into your life.

Based on the client’s interests, these calls may include guided meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, tapping, and acupressure with the crystal as well.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Reading: $11 / session

Using guidance from traditional tarot, oracle cards, and other divination tools, my Intuitive Readings help us to see what is usually so easily forgotten during our hectic lives.

During our Zoom call, you will have the freedom to explore whatever your own Intuition may be speaking to you. These calls may be as broad or laser-focused as you’d like: remember, this is your divine time for exploration and discovery.

Some ideas to consider in a Reading:

  • Career Direction
  • Family Life
  • Health Concerns
  • Week, Year or Month Projections

Not sure where to start?

Join me for class! I offer an assortment of healing classes – many free to the community – that you can explore right from home.