OM at Home

Join me for class! I offer a wide range of topics for self-study and exploration, all from the comfort of your cozy nest. While my Elemental Healing classes and Moon Circles occur in real-time, all of the courses, classes and workshops found in my virtual studio may be accessed whenever you find yourself in need of healing.

OM at Home Online Studio

Coming soon!

Meditate with Me on Insight Timer

Explore the healing energies of Gaia’s five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. Through guided meditations, yoga practices, acupressure & more, we will learn to embody each element for total body healing and spiritual evolution.

Elemental Healing classes are my gift to you, free of charge. To learn right alongside this vibrant community, simply tune in to Facebook Live.

Moon Circle

Once per month, on the full moon, I offer a free distance reiki session for anyone in need of healing. To be included in the healing circle, simply register below and find a comfortable place to rest. Upcoming Moon Circle sessions:

  • January 28th at 7pm EST
  • February 27th at 11am EST
  • March 28th at 4pm EST
  • April 26th at 12pm EST