My Story

Hi, I’m Elizabeth!

I’m the Founder and Owner of Gaia + Selene, as well as an ERYT-200 yoga instructor, reiki master, intuitive healer + artist.

For as long as I can remember, my life has been about duality. First, I was a corporate litigator. Then, I was a yoga teacher. A few months later, I added writer to my resume until suddenly I found my identity scattered among dozens of separate boxes.

There was Lawyer Elizabeth vs. Yoga Elizabeth (they both loved tacos, but that was about it). Then there was New York Elizabeth vs. Boston Elizabeth (spoiler: the Big Apple pulled through in the last inning on that one). And most recently I was living as Yoga Elizabeth vs. Artist Elizabeth vs. Former-Retired-Lawyer Elizabeth vs. Newlywed Elizabeth vs. Essential Oil Elizabeth vs. Basic Human Being. I was everything, and yet somehow none of it at all.

Then, I discovered something: life isn’t about duality at all. Nothing is entirely this OR that. We are all made of the “in between” – those collective moments of life, death, and rebirth. We move through seasons in our lives – some are filled with laughter, others with deep grief. Our emotions ebb and flow, guiding us from one phase to the next. We are constantly moving, shapeshifting into a miraculous blend of brand new-oldness.

Our collective experience has nothing to do with duality – it’s polarity. The same polarizing forces between Light and Dark, Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine, Earth and Moon. Neither can exist without the other. Both are beautiful in their complimentary uniqueness. You cannot marvel or truly appreciate one, without the other.

And with that, Gaia + Selene was born.

I knew that I wanted to create a home in the wellness world that talked about the polarizing forces in our lives; a place where my art and passion for yoga could live, side by side. A way of teaching and creating that incorporated all of the juicy knowledge I’ve collected into something entirely new.

Now, I get to dance every single day in that glorious “in between.” I move from shadows to light, and back again. My energy wanes with the winter months and awakens in spring. My emotions boil to the surface when the moon is full and soften when she is cast in shadow.

May my work inspire you to find your own bliss in the Great In-Between. May you allow yourself the space to change like Gaia’s seasons and evolve like Selene’s phases. May you step into the Light and, just as bravely, retreat into the Dark.

May we all embrace the magick of polarity, the two (or more!) complementary pieces of our divinely inspired selves.