Sub Ek Fellowship

LOVE all – SERVE all – FEED all

In response to the growing homeless communities in my own neighborhood – the Upper West Side of New York City – I have founded the Sub Ek Fellowship. The Fellowship is a service initiative with one simple, yet powerful goal: to remember that we are in fact Sub Ek – All One.

My hope is to deliver home-cooked meals and COVID protection supplies to the folks in my neighborhood every Tuesday.

To do this, I need your help! I’ve created a Dream List with Amazon that includes all the supplies we’ll need to start serving as soon as possible. Any donation, however small, is an enormous help (and lets me start cooking ASAP)!


Cooking extra large batches of home-cooked meals is a simple way to show my LOVE for everyone in my community. Every dash and pinch is filled with Reiki energy and a wish for collective healing.


Choosing to hand-deliver these packages, one person at a time, allows me to spark change right where we live. We SERVE others – the folks right in our own neighborhood – to serve the world.


My guru says that the path to enlightenment is simple: FEED everyone. He lived by this principle in life and continues to do so from the ethers, through our service initiatives.