Inspirations for your divine practices

Inspiration is like a sacred flame; once ignited, it burns in our hearts forever.

Over the years, many teachers, authors, artists, and religions have inspired my work. It is my honor to share my own sacred musings with you now, from the written word to meditations I’ve written to my most cherished paintings, so they may inspire you on your unique journey.

Sacred Writing + Poetry

At my core, I have always been a writer. From personal essays to short stories and poetry, I’ve dabbled in it all over the years. It gives me such joy to share these words with you and to continue writing from my heart’s true source.

Gaia + Selene Shoppe

Creating art is one of the most effective ways for me to connect with the Divine. Each of my pieces is inspired by Spirit and is intuitively created to foster healing, awakening & discovering. May my work inspire your own divine practices.

Monthly Musings

Each month I share what has been inspiring my own work along with freshly curated meditations, yoga practices, poetry & essential oil recipes. This gift is a free offering from my heart to yours, and arrives in your inbox on the 1st of each month.