Clean Living

Resources for safer, more sustainable living.

Finding products and businesses that support divine work can be difficult in our consumer culture. That’s why I have chosen to partner with some of the cleanest, safest manufacturers in the world to share only the highest quality resources to each of you.

Choosing to represent a brand and its mission is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Through diligent research and time spent asking the hard questions, I’m proud to say that each of my partners has demonstrated a commitment to:

  • Equitable and sustainable business practices
  • Ethical sourcing and fair compensation
  • Pure and safe ingredients
  • Livable wages and employment opportunities during the pandemic
  • Anti-racism and effective allyship
  • Eco-friendly packaging and carbon footprint off-setting

May these resources serve you, and your journey, well.


In latin, dōTERRA translates to “Gifts of the Earth.” These essential oils are truly a gift from Gaia herself, and have had a profound impact on my own healing over the last three years.

As the industry leader in sustainable sourcing and independent testing, these are the only oils I trust in my own practices and home. In addition to a vast collection of pure oils and blends, dōTERRA also offers toxin-free household and personal products as well.

Learn more about purchasing these plant medicines at wholesale by clicking below.


I have partnered with powerhouse Amazon to curate my very own bazaar of books, crystals, tarot decks, and more.

My personal storefront houses some of my most beloved tools, all at affordable price points.

To support Amazon’s sustainable efforts, consider selecting shipping in the fewest boxes possible and be sure to shop through the link below.


Beauty Counter’s entire line of skincare, body care and cosmetic products are clean and pure – from sourcing to packaging.

Beauty Counter has committed to removing the most toxic and dangerous ingredients from their entire line, and many products are certified vegan and contain raw, natural ingredients.

As a women-owned and founded B Corporation, Beauty Counter is committed to reinventing the entire beauty industry – from its warehouses to the steps of the National Capitol.