Evolution Through Ancient Wisdom

You are limitless.

So is our collective consciousness.

What I learn, you learn as well. By healing the one, we heal all and one of the most effective paths for that collective healing is through education. As a lifelong student myself, I consider it my most important act of service to share the insights and ancient practices I have discovered along my journey.

Whether you’re looking to expand your offerings as a wellness provider, learn techniques for self-healing, or simply want to use this unique time in history to learn a new skill, my trainings are truly designed for every body, age, gender, and life experience.

Intuitive Reiki Training – Levels I and II

Learn the ancient, healing practice of reiki. This training is for you if you have a desire to:

  • Perform self-treatments for physical and emotional imbalances
  • Provide relief from chronic conditions, for yourself and loved ones
  • Share your energetic gifts as a certified reiki practitioner
  • Learn to offer distance reiki healings without physical contact
  • and more!

Earth Energies Essential Oil Training

Enroll as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate & gain access to this training automatically. You will learn:

  • Where essential oils come from and how to source them ethically and eco-consciously
  • How to incorporate the wisdom of the oils into your mindfulness practices
  • Safe, intelligent & intuitive use of oils
  • Essential oils as a form of herbalism
  • Essential oils for yoga & energy work
  • Chakra energy balancing with the oils
  • and more!

Intuitive Reiki Mentorship – Master Level

Anyone who has completed both a Level I and Level II reiki training may apply to become a certified Reiki Master. If selected for mentorship, you will learn:

  • To train others as reiki practitioners, including to the master level
  • Master level reiki symbols and their application
  • Fine-tuning your skills through observed distance sessions and feedback
  • and more!

Learning is the first step in re-membering the pieces of ourselves we’ve lost through time.

Elizabeth Murray-Merchant

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