Welcoming Eclipse Season + the May New Moon

May 11th marks the start of a new lunar cycle, and the arrival of May’s Flower Moon. Named for the spring blossoms that put on a show this time of year, the Flower Moon is a time to reconnect to our natural selves and our environment.

This cycle, the new moon finds herself in earth-loving Taurus, which also happens to be my own sun sign! As an earth sign, Taurus is known for her appreciation of nature, G.O.D. (the Great Outdoors), and all things pertaining to our earthly lives. While Taurus governs things like finances and our worldly possessions, her influence also extends to the activities, relationships, and beliefs that collectively make up our lives in this incarnation. Likewise, this grazing bull in the sky inspires us to slow down and stop to smell the fresh blooms that surround us in our daily lives.

Taurus asks, “What are your collecting in this life and how do you put those treasures to good use?”

The theme of this new moon, then, is all about taking stock of our lives and reconnecting to what truly matters most to us. This is especially fitting since May’s new moon also heralds the start of eclipse season!

Mark your calendars because on May 26th we will be treated to a special astrological event: a total lunar eclipse. Eclipses are powerful energetic portals into the unseen, and allow us to turn inward towards discovery and growth. This is amplified even more as Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month, signaling a time of introspection, slowing down, and being fully present.

Important Lunar + Astrological Dates:

  • May 11th – New Moon in Taurus
  • May 19th – First Quarter Phase
  • May 26th – Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon
  • May 30th – Mercury Retrograde Begins
  • June 2nd – Last Quarter Phase

Flower New Moon Affirmations:

  • I am blossoming into my highest self
  • I am deeply connected to nature and my life’s purpose
  • I value time alone with my Spirit
  • Spending time in nature revitalizes my being
  • I trust in the timing of my life

Flower New Moon Essential Oil Blend:

Explore this floral blend in a roller bottle or your diffuser to connect with the rejuvenating energy of the flower new moon.

  • 3 drops Jasmine
  • 3 drops Rose
  • 2 drops Gardenia
  • 2 drops Vetiver

Inspirations for New Moon Intention Setting:

  • Where in nature do I feel the most at home within myself? How can I recommit to spending more time here this lunar cycle?
  • What is flowing with ease in my life right now? What is the source of this ease?
  • If I created a bouquet of my most ideal life, what individual flowers would make up this arrangement?
  • Am I moving too fast on a daily basis? How can I prioritize a slower, more intentional pace?

Flower New Moon Practices + Rituals:

  • Restorative yoga
  • Afternoon naps
  • Long walks or hikes in nature
  • Open windows
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Cups of cacao or hot tea
  • Treating yourself to a bouquet of flowers “just because”
  • Reading, drawing, and creating
  • Journaling and writing
  • Meditation and prayer outdoors

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