In Dedication To The Teachers

For a long time, I thought I would be writing something like this in my first novel (which, obviously, would be New York Times bestseller and land me a segment on Good Morning America). Turns out, I created something far more unique, and a lot more like me.

As I clicked through this site – checking for any last-minute typos or tweaks right before the launch – my heart started to swell. None of this, and I mean NONE of it, would have formed without the guidance and lessons of my beloved teachers.

And so, I dedicate this work to you, my teachers.

To my husband Joel, who has pushed me to transform into the woman I was meant be. You never let me settle for anything less than over-flowing abundance and joy, and our partnership is the driving inspiration behind everything I do.

To my Mommy, who has been my guiding light since the moment we locked eyes. You have shown me what it means to be a strong woman, and an even stronger mother.

To my Dad, who has supported my crazy, sometimes insane dreams ever since I was old enough to say, “I want to be…” You are the most passionate, hard-working person I’ve ever known.

To Millie, who has taught me what it means to Mother, to Love, and to Surrender.

To Mother Mary, who has been my guardian angel through the web of New York ever since my train first pulled up into Penn Station.

To Doris, who has taught me the grace of forgiveness and the limitless capacity we have for love and transformation.

To my very first yoga teacher, back in that tiny gym room at Franklin & Marshall College – thank you, you started it all.

To all of the teachers and professors that called my poor parents into conferences year after year to let them know, “Your daughter is a little bossy…” – and to my parents for never listening.

To Elena and David and Sara, who have taught me the heart of yoga and what it means to live an authentic, heart-centered life.

To my medications and therapist, who helped me learn that I am my most yogic and creative self when I am not fighting battles in my head.

To Andy, who showed me that my love of the law was, at its core, a love of justice and creativity.

To the New York State Bar Exam, for showing me that I am capable of immensely difficult things even when others say I am not.

To John, for showing me that art is a powerful force even long after we’re gone.

To Marijuana and Alcohol, for teaching me that life is so, so much brighter when I’m sober.

To Baba Maharajji and Ram Dass, for teaching me to love everyone, serve everyone, and remember God.

To Krishna Das, for teaching me that my voice actually isn’t as tone-deaf as I always thought it was.

To my lawyer self, for being brave and speaking your Truth, even when it might cost you a career. Whenever I feel scared or unsure about myself, I close my eyes and remember you.

To my law school self, for having the guts to go for it and deciding to move on a whim to Boston – I never would have met my husband otherwise.

To my college self, for pursuing passion in all its forms – even when heartbreak and disappointment tried to slow you down.

To my younger self, for always being loud and taking up space unapologetically – I still try to play and laugh and sing like you to this day.

To the woman I was and became these past 5 months, thank you for allowing yourself to feel every single hard emotion. Thank you for leaning in when the world wanted you to escape. Thank you for trusting your intuition and asking for help. Thank you for speaking your Truth and exploring new passions. Thank you for putting yourself out there, and trusting that somehow it would all make sense in its own time.

To all the teachers, past and present, and those I’m yet to learn through: Thank You. I Love You. This is for You.

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