Selene’s Prayer

Mother Moon,

I sense your wisdom –

the way you can so seamlessly blend

from shadow

to light.

When I was a child,

I used to believe that you were a flat pie in the sky –

a celestial cake that God selfishly ate pieces of

day by day.

As I grew older

I saw myself,

much the same way.

Pieces of my Whole cut away

until all that remained was darkness.

Eventually the cake would become Whole again –

fresh from the oven of academics, vacations, loves.

I’d look to the heavens

reassured that you too were constantly

be eaten away

and put back together again.

Then I learned that you are never actually dark at all –

what we perceive as darkness,

as loss,

is simply shadows.

You remain, always

Whole and Unified.

It’s us that have become lost in the darkness.

Your shadows,

much like my own –

Your light,

mine as well.

Our shadows could never exist without the presence

of their more popular Light brother.

I see now –

I remain –

I move –


yet shifting to the world that once ate

pieces of me in the dark.

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