Monday’s New Moon + Total Solar Eclipse

December’s powerful astrology continues on Monday as we’re treated to the New Moon in Sagittarius and a total solar eclipse.

Curious how this will impact the rest of your year? Let’s break it down…

The Final New Moon of 2020

New Moons signify a time of beginning; a portal allowing us to create new intentions and give birth to entirely new ways of being.

As we look back on the last year, fresh starts have never seemed so sweet. This is especially true of the New Moon on December 14th, which will be in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius asks us what we can shed to break free. It is a sign focused around fresh starts, following the path of least resistance, and learning to live our lives in absolute, divinely-ordained flow.

Combine this powerful energy with the fresh possibilities of a new moon, and you can see just how timely this lunar event really is right now!

Total Solar Eclipse

At the same time, we will also experience a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon is positioned right between the sun and the earth, making it appear as if the moon is “eating” the sun.

Energetically, eclipses are times of great shifts and change. But with that evolution comes a certain amount of loss.

This couldn’t be more true than in 2020, when we have all experienced loss – collectively and individually. But underneath all of the difficult months – the Zoom calls and homeschooling and illness – is the start of something truly beautiful.

Working With This Cosmic Energy

So, what does Monday’s astrology look like in our lives?

Expect this week to be a little more emotionally-charged as we collectively process everything the last year has taught us. This is a time for listening, and not necessarily acting upon the lessons we receive…yet.

Use these last few weeks of 2020 to honor your entire experience as a human living through the past year. Respect every high, low, and in-between moment that you’ve moved through so that you may be reborn in 2021.

Although New Moons are typically great times to set new intentions, the best intentions this time around may be about the past. We cannot fly until we shed our cocoons, and 2020 wrapped us up pretty tight.

My advice? Set an intention to spend the next 2 weeks in devotion to everything you’ve learned this year. Allow yourself to feel the joy, fear, losses, and gains – every last one of them – so that you may truly begin again in January.

And of course, be sure to catch the eclipse at 11:17 a.m. EST! While it may only be visible in South America, you can watch the entire, awe-inspiring moment online.

The magick starts around 9:30 a.m. EST and everyone from NASA to museums are streaming. Just Google ‘watch solar eclipse’ on Monday and pick the best site for you!

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